Staten Island, Brooklyn
Nicole Malliotakis

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Personal Background


11/11/80 (40)


Hispanic/Latinx, Greek American

Gender Identification



Greek Orthodox Christian


No Family Listed


B.A. in Communications, Seton Hall University; Master’s of Business Administration, Wagner College


In the state legislature, Malliotakis was active in health care policy. She sponsored numerous bills relating to addiction recovery, the COVID-19 pandemic, prescription drug pricing and women’s health, and introduced a number of successful resolutions dedicating awareness days for various diseases and causes.

Political/Professional Background


New York State Assembly (64th district), 2013-2020; New York State Assembly (60th district), 2011-2012


In the 2020 Republican primary, Malliotakis defeated fellow Republican Joe Caldarera. In the general election, Malliotakis ran against incumbent Democratic and Independent Party nominee Max Rose.


Max Rose (D), defeated in re-election bid


Member of the New York State Assembly (64th district)


Malliotakis was a staffer for former State Senator John Marchi and former Governor George Pataki between 2003 and 2006. Malliotakis then worked as the public affairs manager for the Consolidated Edison Company of New York. Malliotakis was elected to the New York State Assembly in 2010 and has served until her election to the U.S. House. In the Assembly, Malliotakis served on the Committees on Aging, Education, Rules, Corporations, Authorities and Commissions, and Ways and Means. Additionally, Malliotakis was a member of the Legislative Women’s Caucus, served as Minority Whip and as ranking member of the Committee on Governmental Employees. In 2017, Malliotakis won the Republican nomination for Mayor of New York City, though ultimately lost to incumbent Democrat Bill de Blasio.

On The Issues


Malliotakis introduced a bill that would exempt protective face masks and shields from sales taxes (A.10753). Malliotakis helped donate 18,000 face shields to health care workers in honor of a local leader who died from COVID-19. She also offered free face masks to restaurants with 15 or fewer employees. Malliotakis has been very critical of the NY Health Commissioner's decisions to put COVID-positive patients in nursing homes, even when there were other options like the Javits Center.


Malliotakis' position on the ACA is unclear. Her website states that she "voted to provide protections to ensure that individuals with pre-existing conditions could purchase health insurance and expand the state’s Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage program to provide lower prescription drug costs for seniors... and [she] supports efforts to reform and strengthen our system, with an effective safety net to ensure those in need are never denied the care they deserve." In 2011, Malliotakis voted against Assembly Bill 8514, which would implement several provisions of the Affordable Care Act.


While Malliotakis has voted in favor of A.6357E, which authorized medical marijuana for some severe illnesses, and A.9016, which authorized medical marijuana use for those living with opioid addiction, Malliotakis does not support the legalization of recreational marijuana and has been given an F rating by NORML.


Malliotakis criticized Mayor Bill de Blasio over his mental health care plan, ThriveNYC, and for not supporting the people with serious mental illness by using "Kendra's Law," which gives judges the ability to confine a patient to a psychiatric facility for up to 72 hours if they are deemed to be a threat to others or themselves. Malliotakis also criticized Mayor de Blasio for reducing the number of active beds in psychiatric facilities in the city. Malliotakis' plan included expanded use of "Kendra's Law," as well as increased construction of supportive housing for those living with mental illnesses, among other things. Malliotakis has opposed efforts in New York to create supervised injection sites for opioid users. She supported opioid abuse prevention legislation that banned fentanyl, mandated drug take-back programs, expanded treatment facilities (including assisted outpatient treatment programs), required insurance companies to use state-based criteria when determining level of care and continuing education for all controlled substance prescribers. She also introduced an unsuccessful bill that would have required certain hospital and correctional facilities to have a staff member specifically trained in filing assisted outpatient treatment petitions (A.10100).


She was one of the original cosponsors of a controversial bill (A.02836) that would have regulated pharmacy benefit managers to protect patients and pharmacies. The bill was a companion to S.06531, which passed but was ultimately vetoed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Her bill to prohibit insurancers from mid-year changes to their prescription drug formulary passed the Assembly but was vetoed by the Governor (A.02969). She says she will "...build on her record in the State Legislature by preventing price gouging by pharmaceutical companies." She supported a bill (A.02795) that extended the preferred drug program to Medicaid managed care providers.


Malliotakis has stated that she intends to continue her record of working on behalf of Veterans, including having “successfully fought to restore funding for peer-to-peer counseling and mental health programs for Veterans” and “working to improve health care for Veterans,” including prioritizing “mental health services to combat homelessness and suicide.” Malliotakis has stated that she “supports President Trump’s reforms to provide Veterans with community care.”


Malliotakis says that, "...it's not just pro life and pro choice, it's not black or white,... Personally, it's not something that I could do, but it's not to say that my views should be imposed on other women who may have different experiences. But what I will say is I am opposed to that third trimester legislation that has come up again and again," and that "I'm not looking to repeal Roe v. Wade." In the Assembly, she supported a number of pro-women's health laws: Shannon's Law (S.3852-A) requiring insurers to cover annual mammograms for women ages 35+; a bill that eliminated tax on feminine hygiene products (A.7555-A); a bill that improved access to lactation counseling services (S.3387); a bill that developed obstetric hemorrhage protocols (A.6961-A); a bill that requires hospitals and birthing centers to share information about pregnancy complications and provide a referral list of services (A.2957-A); a bill that requires hospitals to offer assistance and services to victims of domestic violence (A.2850-A); a bill that extended the statute of limitations on sexual assault victims (S.6584) and a bill that redefined rape to remove the penetration requirement (A.794-C).


While in the state legislature, Malliotakis prioritized "...investing in preventative care — like her vote to promote childhood vaccinations – and ensur[ing] that New York hospitals have the resources to both lead the world in medical advancement and deliver lifesaving care." Malliotakis introduced successful resolutions signifying specific awareness days including Direct Caregivers Day, Rare Disease Awareness Day, Problem Gambling Awareness Month, Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Month, Primary Immune Deficiency Disease Awareness Month, Prevention Week, Cancer Survivors Day, Chronic Pain Awareness Month, PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day and Suicide Prevention Week. Malliotakis supported a bill mandating insurance cover treatment for eating disorders (A.1619). She also sponsored bills related to occupational therapy (A.00405), physical therapy (A.3585), generic epinephrine substitution (A.01181), optometrists' ability to prescribe oral medications (A.01193), protecting the rights of people who are blind (A.01721) and outlawing the practice of "ambulance chasing" for lawyers and providers such as treatment facilities (A.04205).


Malliotakis is trilingual, fluent in English, Spanish and Greek. She is a dog lover and has two dogs. While in the Assembly, she sponsored various pieces of legislation protecting animals from cruelty.