cancer connections


With over 150,000 people receiving a new cancer diagnosis every month and as the second leading cause of death in the U.S., cancer touches many of us. Cancer advocates are a powerful force in Congress so we’ve made it easier to identify the new members who have been public about how they have been touched by cancer.

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Through our nearly 300 hours of in-depth profile research, we identified three key issues with broad bipartisan interest that could be pivotal in the upcoming Congress.

Every member of Congress—no matter how junior they are or on which committees they serve—has the power to influence health care in the U.S. However, our bipartisan research team believes there are a select few who stand out as “Ones to Watch” in the incoming freshman class.

We’ve indexed some of the largest and most influential categories to make it easy to find members who fit within these segments—and we pulled out a few fun facts for your next Zoom virtual happy hour, too!